Ultimate token for gambling

Decentralized, secure and most efficient token ever made for use in the gambling industry

What is the goal of this FoxFe token?

The main reason of this FoxFe token is to open our casino where you can use this token and make the biggest and the best Online Casino in the World.

Also to focus this SmartDefi secure technology to be usable in the gambling industry.

Connect and socialize
FoxFe guarantees your anonymity in the world of gambling
Online gambling
You can use this token into online casinos
Reflections to all holders
All stakeholders will earn more FoxFe tokens just by holding them in their wallet
Burning For Backing
Part of the profit from the Defi casino will be used to burn the token
NFTs for using in the gambling industry
Anonymity in gambling
FoxFe token guarantees your security and anonymity in the world of gambling

Using the most Secured and Smartest Token template ever built

FoxFe token contains an exchange, lending protocol, and asset-backed store of value inside the smart contract, creating a safer and more reliable token.

Easy & Simple

Own Exchange

FoxFe tokens, you can buy directly from our exchange, or also is free to trade on any and every website, all at the same time!

A Crypto Safety Cushion

100% Asset-Backed

FoxFe is backed by fBNB and fETH, providing each token with an ever-increasing intrinsic baseline value which comes from a percentage of the volume. 3% of every buy and sell goes straight into the asset backing pool, yielding a baseline value that can never decrease.

Only Way Is Up

Smart Rising Price Floor

Since FoxFe hosts its own liquidity, 1.5% of every sell transaction is directly used to increase the price floor. This does not require additional transactions. As a result, traders pay no fees while this process completes.

Less Stress

Eliminate Rug-Pulls

Token liquidity is held securely inside the token’s own contract, and is inaccessible, making it impossible to rug-pull and eliminating the need for liquidity provider tokens.

A Lot of Wrapping

Wrapped Liquidity

All the FoxFe liquidity is fWrapped, with fBNB and fETH. This means our liquidity is also constantly gaining rewards while it sits there as other transactions occur with those fWraps. With no buys or sells, FoxFe liquidity grows, giving each token a higher price.

Need Extra?


Through SmartLending, FoxFe token you can use as collateral to take out loans against its baseline value – without having to sell or burn the FoxFe token.



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